Brits resorting to alternative methods of keeping warm

(21st November 2013)

Brits resorting to alternative methods of keeping warm
The key to a woman’s heart is to buy her bed socks, according to new research.

Romance and glamour are being given the elbow as Britons find ever more weird and wonderful ways of keeping warm while faced with mounting heating bills.

Wearing socks in bed may be a bit of a passion killer but almost half (45 per cent) of women admit to doing this, compared with only one in five men, turning the old stereotype on its head.

Meanwhile, in another blow for romance, snuggling up with the other half to keep warm seems to become less popular as we get older. Almost half of those in their twenties and early thirties (47 per cent) like to cuddle up with their partner on the sofa, dropping to 25 per cent by the time they reach their mid-forties and less than 20 per cent with the over 55’s.

Other more unusual ways of keeping warm include warming our hands under a hot tap, warming our feet on a computer charger or even under the cat or dog, and using a hair dryer to heat the bed.

According to the survey commissioned by Anglian Home Improvements, 89% of us are using alternative ways to keep warm rather than turning up the heating, with the top ten responses (across all recipients) being:

1) Wear extra layers of clothes (57.95 per cent)

2) Warm up with a hot drink (53.05 per cent)

3) Wear socks in bed (34.80 per cent)

4) Cuddle up with partner on the sofa (31.45 per cent)

5) Leave oven door open after cooking (28.50 per cent)

6) Put clothes on radiator before getting dressed (26.15 per cent)

7) Cuddle the cat/dog (13.30 per cent)

8) Run hands under a hot tap (11.10 per cent)

9) Wear a jacket/coat indoors (10.10 per cent)

10) Put the laptop on your lap (10.05 per cent)

Melanie McDonald, Head of Marketing and Communications at Anglian Home Improvements, said, “Anglian Home Improvements has been going for almost fifty years and in that time the way we live has changed dramatically. These days we expect our homes to be warm and cosy but with energy prices continuing to rise, it seems we’re increasingly resorting to tried and tested methods of keeping ourselves warm instead.

“Although the energy price increases are concerning, there are some simple ways that we can all improve the energy efficiency of our homes, reducing energy consumption and wastage, and keeping our homes and families warm without running up huge energy bills.”

Anglian Home Improvements is currently running a window scrappage scheme to incentivise homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and get up to £3,000 off when they install energy saving windows. The promotion will run throughout November and December, giving homeowners a chance to upgrade their windows before the worst of the winter.

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