Anglian Home Improvements Boasts Window Scrappage Scheme

(14th October 2009)

Anglian Home Improvements has introduced its own £2,000 National Window Scrappage Scheme, designed to encourage UK homeowners to scrap their old poorly insulated windows, in return for £2,000 towards the installation of new, professionally installed, energy efficient Anglian windows.

Anglian Home Improvements own scrappage scheme supports the UK window industries lobbying activity, which focuses around the Glass and Glazing Federation’s (GGF) Government e-petition for a £1,000 windows scrappage scheme.

To combat climate change, the UK Government has set a target of reducing CO2 levels by 30% by 2030. The GGF e-petition and Anglian Home improvements scrappage scheme, provides an incentive for UK households to take action against poorly insulated windows.

Ahead of the Government’s decision on the GGF petition, Anglian Home Improvements is offering its own £2,000 windows scrappage scheme to kick start UK households into replacing old widows with energy efficient versions, in order to reach the Governments CO2 reduction target.

The average UK household loses around £280* worth of energy a year - every year. Much of this energy is wasted through poorly insulated windows which not only leak heat, but also money, which is bad for the consumer pocket as well as the UK’s carbon footprint.

Commenting on Anglian’s windows scrappage scheme Melanie Russell, Head of Marketing and Communications at Anglian Home Improvements said:

“Anglian Home Improvements supports and encourages the GGF Government e-petition. As an industry leader we saw the need to offer homeowners immediate support through our £2,000 national windows scrappage scheme, benefiting the consumer, while fully endorsing and promoting the call for UK households to sign the GGF petition.

“Anglian’s windows scrappage scheme, which replaces inadequate insulated windows with new energy efficient ones, means this winter UK households can retain more heat while actually spending less heating their homes.”

For further details on Anglian’s £2,000 windows scrappage scheme and the GGF e-petition visit or call 0800 500 600.

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