Get your rooftrim in good shape to protect your home

(20th June 2013)

When the sun is shining, it is easy to forget that this time last year large parts of Britain were struggling with heavy rain and even flooding in some areas. According to a recent announcement from the Met Office, we may have another decade of wet summers ahead of us. So if the erratic weather patterns of recent years are here to stay, you’d be well advised to use the better weather to make sure your home is in good shape before the rain returns.

One of your home’s best defences in the wet weather is its guttering and downpipes, which allow water to flow quickly into the drains. At certain times of the year these are likely to get blocked, either due to falling leaves in the autumn or, more likely at this time of year, due to debris from birds nesting in the eaves. As a home owner, that means you have to climb a ladder, clear the gutting and downpipes, then repair or repaint them if necessary.

Frankly, in today’s busy world, most of us have better things to do! That’s why Anglian Home Improvements has expanded its range of roof products to make things easier by offering products such as bird protection products and extra deep guttering.

Anglian Gutterguard is a hard-wearing polypropylene mesh that fits over the gutter, preventing leaves and debris from falling in but allowing rainwater to pass straight through, while its Eaves Shield system replaces decaying or damaged roofing-felt with a recycled uPVC guard. This prevents birds from nesting in the rafters and includes an integral bird comb that enables rainwater to drain away into the gutter. Anglian’s ‘deep flow’ extra deep guttering product also helps deal with the increasing rainfall we’ve seen in recent years, a pattern that it seems is likely to continue.

And if you’ve had enough of sanding and painting your wooden rooftrim, you can now get practical and sturdy uPVC guttering in an even wider range of finishes, including wood effect and traditional cast iron effect. It won’t rust like cast iron, nor will it go brittle or crack like plastic. It needs minimal maintenance – and there’s currently 25% off** all of Anglian roof products, so as well as saving you time and hassle, now is a perfect time to upgrade your guttering, downpipes, bargeboards, cladding, fascias and soffits at less expense.

You don’t just have to take our word for it either – see what Arsenal and England legend, Nigel Winterburn, said about the rooftrim upgrade he purchased from Anglian Home Improvements on the Anglian You Tube channel.

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