Keep winter at bay with a free ‘all seasons pack’ upgrade on Anglian conservatories

(26th October 2012)

As the clocks go back this weekend, it’s a sure sign that the seasons are shifting and we’re moving rapidly into winter. The shorter days mean there’s even more reason to make the most of the natural light available to keep you feeling positive and sprightly. That’s why Anglian Home Improvements has launched a special promotion that offers a free ‘all seasons’ upgrade on conservatories.

The ‘all seasons upgrade pack’ means home owners will be able to enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated conservatory throughout the winter months to watch the seasonal changes taking place in their gardens and make the most of the available day light hours. The promotion offers a free upgrade to Solaroof and Ultra 2 glass in the conservatory wallframes, saving over £1,200 on an average conservatory*.

In the past, conservatories tended to be used only in the summer months. But technological innovations such as the Anglian Solaroof and advanced insulating window technology mean that a modern conservatory can now be used comfortably all year round. Staying warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making it a welcome extension to your living at a time of year when most people tend to spend more time indoors.

The free all seasons upgrade includes Anglian’s advanced window technology, Ultra 2, in the conservatory wallframes. This combines gas filled sealed units with technically advanced ‘soft coat’ glass, which has a clearer finish with less haze, increasing the amount of light transmitted through the glass by almost five per cent.

Meanwhile, for the summer months the Anglian Solaroof is like putting a pair of sunglasses on your conservatory roof. It reduces the heat and glare from the sun, helping to control the temperature of the conservatory on warm, sunny days. It also dramatically reduces any ultra-violet rays passing through the roof, which can otherwise cause furniture to fade. The Anglian Solaroof is available as a free upgrade under the current ‘all seasons’ promotion on any conservatory with a glass roof.

Anglian Home Improvements offers nine different types of conservatories including traditional and modern styles, an orangery and a conservatory verandah. For homeowners looking for a separate dining room, space for a playroom, or simply somewhere to relax and enjoy the garden, Anglian is sure to have the perfect solution. Visit to find out more and to view the range of options and styles available.

* Based on a 3m x 3m Elizabethan conservatory, this would be a saving of £1,242

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