Anglian Home Improvements help homeowners reduce energy bills with new EcoGain promotion

(12th September 2012)

In a bid to help homeowners consume less energy and reduce their winter fuel bills, Anglian Home Improvements has today launched a huge 50 percent off promotion on its A rated EcoGain windows, which not only retain warmth inside the home but also help to heat it.

EcoGain windows look like regular double glazed windows but their advanced technology lets in more sunlight, meaning free heat, which adds to the warmth within the home. They are also completely draught free, so energy demands are cut from all sides.

Head of Marketing and Communications at Anglian Home Improvements, Melanie McDonald, says, “With rising fuel prices being announced yet again, consumers are increasingly looking for more energy efficient solutions so upgrading to EcoGain windows, with their superior level of thermally efficient performance, is guaranteed to be a smart investment for the future.”

As the UK’s biggest double glazing window, door and conservatory specialist, Anglian Home Improvements understands the importance of energy saving, both for the homeowner and the planet.

Melanie McDonald adds, “The continuing rise in energy costs means that home owners now demand that their home improvement products are as energy efficient as possible. Consumers are also more aware of the environmental impact their decisions have, so it is important for us as a business to ensure Anglian’s products not only meet their needs but exceed them. That’s why we’ve created EcoGain windows, which are amongst the most energy efficient windows on the market. They are made in Britain, come with a 10 year guarantee – or 15 years for glazed sealed units – and could save a household over £150 per year compared with regular uPVC double glazed windows, and more than double that if it still has single glazed timber framed windows.”

The promotion is perfectly timed as the government prepares to unveil its Green Deal scheme, which will lend homeowners the funds required to upgrade their properties by installing ‘green’ technologies, paying back the costs over a period of time. Anglian Home Improvements is a Green Deal pioneer, having signed an agreement with the government earlier this year to become one of the first Green Deal providers for the UK.

More information about EcoGain windows, as well as the full range of home improvement products and seasonal promotions available through Anglian, can be found at or by calling 0800 500 600.

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