Chloe Smith MP visits Anglian Home Improvements

(02nd May 2012)

Anglian was pleased to welcome back Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP and Treasury Minister. Smith offered her congratulations to Anglian on their plans to support the governments new Green Deal initiative.

Chloe Smith visited the company before in 2009 when Anglian first launched their national windows scrappage scheme. The MP toured Anglian’s manufacturing facility and learnt how effective Anglian was becoming at re-cycling old product , as well as the innovation being used to manufacture new energy efficient windows.

Chloe Smith said, “The Green Deal is an exciting programme that improves homes at no upfront cost, cutting carbon and helping the most vulnerable. It supports energy efficiency, green investment, and economic growth, helping lead to warmer homes with lower emissions and fewer families in fuel poverty. It makes sense for households and for businesses. As a Norwich MP I am always very interested to meet people working in Norwich businesses, and to see first hand the opportunities that firms can take up; it is good news that major firms including Anglian Home Improvements are signing up.”

Chief Executive of Anglian Home Improvements, Peter Mottershead continued that, “This was a great opportunity to feed back to Chloe Smith how the Budget will affect Anglian’s customers and employees. As one of the first companies in the country to sign up to the Green Deal initiative, we look forward to playing an important role in delivering the Green Deal to our customers.”

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