Anglian launches Solar

(18th June 2010)

Anglian Home Improvements has announced that it will be launching a new selection of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal solar panels for people’s homes. The new products will reduce the cost of energy, give customers a return on their investment and even generate electricity that homes can sell on as a profit.

For several years Anglian Home Improvements has been researching the most cost-effective and efficient green energy systems that can be fitted in the home, and now aims to raise the standard for solar energy with it latest product developments.

After the initial cost of installing solar panels the energy supplied by solar energy is free, clean, safe and environmentally friendly. The solar panels can supply heat or electricity for a home and are compatible with most boilers for solar heating. These new products will reduce customer’s energy bills and maybe even generate an extra line of income by selling surplus to the National Grid.

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