Real Improvements for Real Homes” This Year’s Key Message from Anglian Home Improvements

(10th March 2010)

Anglian Home Improvements, the UK’s leading home improvements specialist, is this year sponsoring the Ideal Home Show Village. The Ideal Home Show is recognised for its forward thinking and innovative showcasing, but this year Anglian Home Improvements have purposefully moved away from the futuristic into the factual.

Two properties have been photographed by a thermal imaging camera to show the extent of energy lost in a typical home. One side of a semi-detached house is well loved, containing 80’s furniture, décor and 80’s windows and doors. The other half of the property is fitted with a range of Anglian Home Improvement products to create a direct comparison and to show the huge steps in energy efficient designs over the last two decades.

The modernised property is also furnished with the Ann Broad fabric range and Timberland flooring to create a striking difference and to demonstrate how homeowners can cut heating bills, reduce maintenance and improve their standard of living in an achievable cost effective way.
Adjacent to The Village is ‘Anglian Square’, which contains eight different house frontages representing period and contemporary styles found across the UK. Homeowners select the appropriate frontage which best resembles their house and discover various options available to them in terms of realistic home improvements.

Anglian are also showcasing a new design concept at the Ideal Home Show. The ’conservatory verandah’ combines the look and feel of a conservatory, with an innovative elongated roof structure to provide a sheltered area, perfect for BBQs and sheltering from the summer rain. This new ‘verandah’ concept shall be the Saviour of the British Summer and will allow indoor and outdoor entertaining and living all year round! It can be seen at the Ideal Home Show Village on the executive home, but it’s full design is a secret until the show begins!

Anglian Home Improvements will be joined at this year’s Ideal Home Show by Philippa Forrester on Monday 22nd March. Philippa is working with Anglian to promote the importance of energy efficiency and the impact it has on the environment. Philippa will be at the Ideal Home Show Village, sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements where she will be explaining how simple it is to start making your home and lifestyle more energy efficient.

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Anglian Home Improvements said, “we are proud sponsors of the ‘Anglian Ideal Village’ and ‘Anglian Square’ at this year’s Ideal Home Show. The Village combined with ‘Anglian Square’ gives homeowners the full inside – out treatment for their homes and demonstrates the impact installing energy efficient products can make.

“Our key aim at this year’s Ideal Home Show is to show homeowners the amount of energy and money wasted on a daily basis. We then go on to demonstrate that this can be easily rectified through cost effective, simple home improvements.”

To see Anglian Home Improvements 3D make-over, conservatory verandah and to discover more about how simple home improvements can make a difference to the energy efficiency of the home at ‘Anglian Square’, visit the Ideal Home Show Village at this year’s Ideal Home Show at Earls Court from 20th March - 5th April 2010.


Notes to editors:

Anglian was established in 1966 and is renowned in the UK as the leading supplier of high quality home improvement products. As market leaders, Anglian Home Improvements have played a key role in supporting the Ideal Home Show. From exhibition stands, to key sponsors of the Show village, our commitment reflects our dedication to homeowners in providing a range of ‘ideal’ home improvements.

Press Information from: Rachel Birtwhistle [email protected] / 01603 706561

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